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"Addicted Illinois: Covering the crisis" is a biweekly segment focused on tackling the opioid crisis in Illinois. I helped launched the series in May 2019. Since then, I have done countless stories with recovering addicts, first responders, law enforcement, recovery centers, public health officials and medical professionals. Through this special series, I try to not only bring attention to the issue but also help those who are struggling.

Two moms' mission to spread awareness after daughters' deaths 1/22/2020

'I joined a pill gang of soccer moms' 12/11/19

Painkiller thieves posing as potential homebuyers. 11/13/19

Funeral industry feels weight of opioid epidemic 8/7/19

American war hero shares his battle 5/20/19

Vermilion County Coroner: "It just seemed to snowball" 5/1/19

Police K-9s becoming opioid overdose victims 7/3/19

Opioid deaths drop, overdoses in general rise 9/5/19

DFD works to get more Narcan into the community 2/5/2020

New synthetic opioid hits Midwest. 2/19/2020

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